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Developing Potential, Strengthening Spirits, Enriching Lives

We are passionate advocates for people with disabilities committed to enriching the lives of people with disabilities. We are launching the first of it's kind St. Andrew Academy in the Archdiocese of Detroit in 2021. 

The newly created St. Andrew Academy is for young adults with special needs. The mission of the Academy is to build them up in Faith, within the Church, and train them in Information Technology (IT). We aspire for all our students to achieve industry certification and secure meaningful in-demand IT jobs. We hope to offer this program tuition free to qualified students through the generous support of our donors and sponsors.  This program is built on successful "Bridge Academies" in the U.S. and Europe.

Join us as a sponsor, student, employer, or supporter and help us enrich lives.

The Problem we are Addressing:

Lost Human Potential and Chronic Unemployment

The IT Talent Gap is Increasing

Digital Transformation

Solving the Skills Gap and Enabling Full Human Potential

The St. Andrew Academy is an accessible IT skills and spiritual development program designed and adapted for persons with disabilities enabling globally recognized certification and meaningful employment in less than a year. We help our candidates realize their full human and spiritual potential.

Built on the Foundation of Other Successful Programs

We are building the St. Andrew Academy on the model and best practices from other successful "Bridge Academy" prototype programs in the U.S. and Europe that are achieving high certification and employment rates.

Lives Changed:

" This whole IT academy is the greatest opportunity I have every received, and I am going to master this no matter what."

Bridge Academy Student

"I love this program.  I did  not have any hope prior to being accepted in this program... Now I have a career.  I would tell anyone with a disability, never give up...because there is an opportunity to  better yourself and your career. " 

Bridge Academy Student

"These are some of our best employees. The benefits to (our company) are far greater than people realize. They bring an attitude, approach to the customer, and empathy for the customer … that is a real asset for us.”

Executive who hired our candidates

"Of all the programs we support, this one is by far my favorite.  It is "out of the box", has huge potential for impact, and is changing lives."

Divisional Director State Department of Vocational Reahabilation

"I'm sorry for being emotional, but I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have given my son with this program.  We have been waiting over 20 years for something good to happen for him and now his opportunity is finally here because of this program."

Mother of Academy Student

“This program is amazing and unique.  I  am so excited to have the opportunity to participate and change lives.”

Bridge Academy Instructor

"This program is phenomenal.  This whole experience lit a fire in my heart to see all these people succeed." 

Bridge Academy Student

To view a video of Bridge to Opportunity student feedback:

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Student Candidates:

Bridge to a Better Life:
We are seeking aspiring, capable, and motivated students for our cohort to begin in January 2021. 

Our program does not require previous IT training or experience.  We seek talented  candidates with 10th grade reading capability, 10th grade math equivalency,  interest in information technology, and aspiration for a better life.

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We unleash the full potential of people with disabilities through employment and spiritual growth. Join us in our mission to enrich and transform lives. 

We seek organizations, influencers, and change-makers to join us.  We aspire  to deliver this program tuition-free through the generous support of our partners.

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Build your Brand and Transform Lives: 
People with disabilities represent a talented and untapped labor pool.  Our program builds certified skills for entry level Information Technology roles.

Our candidates enhance your workforce, improve your productivity, enrich your culture, and expand your brand.  

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